The first choice in chemistry for water intensive industries

Kemira’s vision is to be the first choice in chemistry for water intensive industries. This means we provide first class expertise, application know-how and chemicals that enable our customers to improve their water, energy and raw material efficiency, as well as their product quality. It also means that we operate sustainably, efficiently and safely, while employing the best people with the right service attitude and a passion for our business.

Growth and business focus

The growing global population and scarcity of resources create a greater need to produce more with less. We work together with water intensive industries to make this possible. Our focus is on promoting and supporting profitable growth in three business segments. We gain synergies through similar production technologies and shared manufacturing sites. Polymers are the largest product group used throughout these segments.
In Pulp & Paper, we have unique expertise in applying chemicals and in helping pulp and paper producers to innovate and constantly improve their operational efficiency and environmental impacts.
In Oil & Mining, we provide a unique combination of innovative knowhow on chemicals and applications that can improve process efficiency and yields in oil, gas and metals recovery. Kemira is the second largest producer of polyacrylamide (PAM) polymers globally.
In Municipal & Industrial, we enable our customers to improve their water treatment efficiency by providing expertise and chemicals for the management of raw and waste water. In our focus regions, we are the leading supplier for raw and waste water treatment chemicals.


Research and development is a critical enabler for organic growth in Kemira and provides differentiation capabilities where water meets chemistry. Kemira's R&D spend will be increased for process improvement innovations in paper, oil & gas and mining industries, as well as in the related product lines. Our innovation sales target of 10 % was extended until the end of 2017. In 2016, 9 % of our revenue was generated from innovated products, i.e. products that have been out in the market less than five years.