Supply chain management

Supply chain management

Our supply chain professionals enable world class customer service and delivery performance, as well as play a key role in securing product and logistics cost efficiency. We have organized the supply chain management as a global function supporting all our business segments. Kemira supply chain aims at safe, sustainable, reliable and cost efficient deliveries to all our customers.

World class customer service

We serve our customers from a global network of customer service centers. The professional staff, harmonized processes, and centralized ERP system enable us to provide industry leading service levels. Customer service centers also play a key role in problem solving and sorting out special requirements and demands of our customers.

Efficient logistics

The logistics function takes care of all the logistics sourcing and management globally. By building a reliable network of global and local partners we ensure safe and sustainable product delivery to our customers. We utilize an optimized combination of sea freight, rail cars and truck transportation. We also operate our own truck fleet where this is required to guarantee optimal service. Our warehouse and distribution center network is built to optimize the service levels.

Supply chain planning

Global supply chain planning secures product availability and optimizes inventory levels across the product lines. In close co-operation with our sales force the supply chain planners balance supply and demand to make sure our assets are utilized in most cost efficient manner.

Harmonized sourcing and procurement

Our sourcing and procurement teams guarantee that Kemira’s sourcing complies with the Kemira Code of Conduct and current legislation, and that our suppliers comply with these same principles. To ensure this all supplier contracts need to include the Kemira Code of Conduct for suppliers, agents and distributors.

The sourcing team plans all purchasing activities and ensures that best suppliers and adequate capacity are available. The team is also responsible for an uninterrupted materials flow. Close collaboration with our suppliers both on strategic level as well as in day to day activities supports our long term development plans.