Roles and careers

It’s all about the right mix.

We are a global company with operations, customers and colleagues all around the world. And with a range of personal and career development opportunities, we offer our employees the right mix to explore their career experiences and projects in a supportive and engaging work environment.

Get to know some of the areas where our people are excelling.

Units in 40 countries, sales in over 100 countries


​Business professionals

Supporting every aspect of our business

We provide our business professionals with opportunities to deliver excellence, in a collaborative and global environment. Whether you’re experienced in sales, business development or operational excellence or have an interest in marketing, communications, human resources or more, there’s opportunity here.

​Chemistry experts

Pioneering innovation

Our chemistry and engineering experts are at the center of our existence at Kemira. It’s their passion and knowledge that enable us to be a global leader in our field, and to make an impact for customer success with innovative products and solutions that empower our customers to do more with less.


Bridging technology and business
Our manufacturing team leads, directs, develops, and controls the operations on site-level to meet both customer and corporate objectives. They monitor the manufacturing activities to ensure safety, regulatory and schedule compliance as well as training and employee development.

Students and graduates

Growing talent

You bring new ideas and views and passion for results. We bring a culture that values teamwork and your contribution.
Whatever your field and passion — chemistry, business or something in between — why not consider Kemira to begin your journey?