Ethics and compliance at Kemira

Kemira Code of Conduct is the foundation for managing ethics and compliance at Kemira. Our management approach is based on activities designed to promote the principles of ethical business behavior within our own employees and our business partners. We believe that an ethical approach in everything we do leads to successful business, fostered accountability and it is the key in maintaining our good reputation.

Kemira Compliance Program

Ethics and Compliance function is leading Kemira Compliance Program, which focuses on coordinating and developing our global ethics & compliance activities and promoting the principles of ethical business behavior. The key areas in our Compliance Program include top level commitment, communication and training, risk assessment and ensuring a diligent process for handling non-compliance issues. 

Training and communication

Training and awareness on ethics & compliance matters are a crucial part of our Compliance program. We train our employees regularly on topics such as human rights, competition law compliance, insider information and anti-bribery.

Ethics and Compliance Hotline

We encourage our employees to speak up on any ethical or compliance related issues being faced during our daily work. We provide several channels by which employees may report ethical concerns or potential non-compliance with our Code and policies.

These channels include an Ethics & Compliance Hotline which offers the option for anonymous reporting. The email address responsibility (at) can also be used by non-employees to report cases of potential misconduct relating to Kemira or our business partners.