Corporate responsibility governance

Our corporate responsibility focus areas reflect Kemira’s sustainability priorities, which are managed through target setting, and the principles of continuous improvement. The targets and their respective KPIs are reviewed annually, and the performance monitored and externally reported on a quarterly basis.

Responsibilities and resources

Our Management Board approves the corporate responsibility targets and KPIs. The Board of Directors is informed about the targets and the KPI performance, and they also approve the Corporate responsibility section of Kemira’s Annual Report.
The Corporate Responsibility function is responsible for:

  • identifying the sustainability priorities and target setting
  • coaching and supporting the organization
  • coordinating, monitoring and reporting on activities related to corporate responsibility  
  • establishing the processes, tools and metrics to ensure our compliance with relevant external norms and standards, guidelines and expectations
  • engaging in stakeholder dialogue related to corporate responsibility
  • managing public affairs issues

The segments and functions are responsible for the implementation of the targets. This work is supported and coordinated by the Corporate Responsibility Management Team with cross-functional set-up, and which is chaired by our Director, Corporate Responsibility.

Monitoring the effectiveness of our management approach

Our approach to reducing Kemira’s impacts on the environment and society is to a large extent based on the systematic implementation of our management systems based on a framework of policies, processes, procedures and KPI’s to ensure that an organization can fulfill all tasks required to achieve its objectives. For example, our Environment, Health, Safety and Quality (EHSQ) policy requires all Kemira companies and operations to implement and maintain certified Environmental, Health, Safety and Quality management systems. We regularly conduct extensive internal and external auditing and/or assurance in order to monitor the effectiveness of our management approach.