Stakeholder dialogue

An active dialogue with our stakeholders enables us to understand their concerns and expectations.

We actively engage with our key stakeholder groups that are customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers and local communities. We regularly conduct stakeholder surveys in order to identify and understand the key topics and concerns regarding Kemira’s business. These topics are addressed through our corporate responsibility focus areas and targets.

Our stakeholders´ expectations

  • Many of our customers are sustainability leaders in their respective industrial sectors. Kemira forms part of
    their value chains, and we are expected to demonstrate the same high commitment to sustainable business as our customers.
  • A significant number of our investors practice Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) with high expectations on ESG related topics (ESG=Environmental, social and governance). 
  • Sustainable business conduct is an important employee engagement driver, according to our employee surveys.
  • Our external business environment is highly regulated by legislation and industry norms covering business conduct, product life-cycle management, and the health, safety and environmental aspects of manufacturing.
Important topics for our stakeholders are sustainable products, safety, employee development, business ethics and compliance, responsibility along the supply chain, and reductions in environmental impacts both in our own operations and in the value chain. These stakeholder topics are addressed through our corporate responsibility focus areas.