Corporate responsibility targets and performance

We have updated our corporate responsibility targets for 2017 onwards based on our materiality analysis and review on stakeholder expectations.


products &
Innovation sales

Share of innovation revenue of the total revenue, %
  • 10% by the end of 2017
  • Reported quarterly
Due to delays in commercialization of NPD projects the Innovation sales target was slightly behind the 10% target. However, a record number of new products and new treatment concepts was launched in 2016 (14 versus 3 in 2015). Innovation sales target 10% was extended by one year until 2017.

Responsibility in our supply chain

Supplier management
Number of onsite sustainability audits for highest risk suppliers

(with the lowest sustainability assessment score1)

  • 5 suppliers audited every year during 2016-2020, average
  • Reported annually
The new supplier audit process was initiated, with 4 onsite audits conducted by an external service provider.


Climate change

Carbon index
  • Kemira Carbon Index ≤ 80 by the end of 2020 (2012 = 100)
  • Reported annually
The carbon index2 improved as a result of purchased electricity sourced from less carbon-intensive sources. This improvement outweighed the negative effect of the sale of part of Kemira's holding in Pohjola Voima Oy, which entitled to nuclear power production capacity in Finland.

towards the employees
Occupational health and safety

Number of Total Recordable Injury Frequency (TRIF) (per million hours, Kemira + contractor, 1 year rolling average)
  • Achieve zero injuries (TRIF 2.0 by the end of 2020)
  • Reported quarterly
Significantly improved safety performance due to our time and efforts invested on management commitment, employee engagement and higher visibility of safety related matters in our internal communication.

Employee engagement

Employee engagement index based on
Voices@Kemira biennial survey
  • The index at or above the external industry norm
Participation rate in Voices@Kemira
  • 75 % or above

Next biennial Voices@Kemira survey is being planned for 2017.

Leadership development

Leadership development activities provided, average

  • Two (2) leadership development activities per people manager position during 2016-20203
  • Reported annually
The amount of leadership development activities during 2016 was very high (494), and we are significantly ahead of our target of having 1 500 development activities4 during 2016-2020.


1 117 sustainability assessments have been performed for strategic, critical and large spend suppliers.

2 Carbon index value in 2015 was updated from 91 to 92 due to more accurate information from a few sites.

3 The cumulative amount of leadership development required to reach two (2) leadership development activities per people manager position during 2016-2020 equals 1500 leadership activities (when number of people manager positions is 650-850).

4 Development activities include job rotations, coaching and mentoring, and development programs.