Corporate responsibility targets and performance

We have updated our corporate responsibility targets for 2016 onwards based on our materiality analysis and review on stakeholder expectations.


products &
Innovation sales

Share of innovation revenue of the total revenue, %

  • 10% by the end of 2016
  • Reported quarterly
Current outlook is that due to delays in commercialization of new products in the pipeline, 10% innovation sales target will not likely be reached in 2016.

supply chain

Direct supplier management

Number of onsite audits for suppliers
(with the lowest sustainability assessment score)
  • on average 5 suppliers audited every year during 2016-2020
  • Reported annually
Supplier audits continue according to plan. Reports from the first two onsite audits received and processed.

Climate change

Carbon index
  • Kemira Carbon Index ≤ 80 by the end of 2020 (2012 = 100)
  • Reported annually
Äetsä and Joutseno sites successfully completed Energy Management System certification to ISO 50001 during Q3. To identify and implement energy savings projects, E3 Energy Reviews in production sites continue as part of our Energy Efficiency Enhancement Program (E3plus), focusing on the biggest energy consuming sites. In 2016, altogether 13 sites have been reviewed.

towards the employees
Occupational health and safety

Number of Total Recordable Injuries (TRI) (per million hours, Kemira + contractor, 1 year rolling average)
  • Achieve zero injuries
  • Reported quarterly
Behaviour Based Safety program continues according to plan with the first phase of management interviews and survey completed during Q3.

Employee engagement

Employee engagement index based on
Voices@Kemira biennial survey
  • The index at or above the external industry norm
Participation rate in Voices@Kemira
  • 75 % or above

Pulse survey results Q2, 2016 indicate that our positive trends are continuing with regard to employee engagement overall at Kemira. Next biennial Voices@Kemira survey is being planned for during 2017.

Leadership development

Leadership development activities provided, average

  • Two (2) leadership development activities per people manager position during 2016-20201
  • Reported annually
Continued good level of leadership development activities during Q3. Year-to-date we are more than 50% above the target level (355 vs target 225) using the best practice 70:20:10 model2 for Learning and Development (incl. job rotations, coaching and mentoring, and development programs).

1 Based on the current number of people manager positions, the cumulative amount of leadership development required to reach two (2) leadership development activities per people manager position during 2016-2020 equals approximately a total of 1,500 leadership activities during 2016-2020 (or average 75 activities per quarter).

2 The 70:20:10 Model for Learning and Development continues to be widely employed by organizations throughout the world. It holds that individuals obtain 70 percent of their knowledge from job-related experiences, 20 percent from interactions with others, and 10 percent from formal educational events.​ ​