Corporate responsibility targets and performance

We have updated our corporate responsibility targets for 2017 onwards based on our materiality analysis and review on stakeholder expectations.


products &
Innovation sales

Share of innovation revenue of the total revenue, %
  • 10% by the end of 2017
  • Reported quarterly
During Q2/2017 commercialization of several new products or solutions was, started and we look forward to achieve the 10% target during 2017.

Responsibility in our supply chain

Supplier management
Number of onsite sustainability audits for highest risk suppliers

(with the lowest sustainability assessment score)

  • 5 suppliers audited every year during 2016-2020, average
  • Reported annually
All earlier low-scored suppliers improved their performance in re-assessments, and no new high risk raw material suppliers were detected. However, a few suppliers have refused to take EcoVadis assessments this year due to lack of resources or company policies. Those will be audited in Q3 and Q4 2017. In total we have five suppliers in scope in EMEA, APAC and Americas.


Climate change

Carbon index
  • Kemira Carbon Index ≤ 80 by the end of 2020 (2012 = 100)
  • Reported annually
Sourcing of low carbon energy continued according to plan. As part of the E3 Plus program, 4 Energy Review site visits were performed during Q2. The performed energy reviews cover more than 90 % of Kemira’s total energy consumption. Fredrikstad plant and the Kemira Group Energy Management System were 50001 -audited by an external auditing body.

towards the employees
Occupational health nd safety

Total Recordable Injuries Frequency (TRIF)
(per million hours, Kemira + contractor,
(per million hours, Kemira + contractor, 1 year rolling average)
  • Achieve zero injuries 
  • Reported quarterly
Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) program pilots moving ahead as planned, and next 10 sites implementation starts in Q3. To improve our contractor safety we have launched Contractor Safety Program which is looking contractor safety from contracting to materialization of the contracted work.

Employee engagement

Employee engagement index based on
Voices@Kemira biennial survey
  • The index at or above the external industry norm
Participation rate in Voices@Kemira
  • 75 % or above
  • reported biennially

We aim to confirm the next Voices@Kemira survey by Q4 2017.

Leadership development

Leadership development activities provided, average

  • Two (2) leadership development activities per people manager position during 2016-20202
  • Reported annually
High level of activity continued with 103 leadership development activities completed during Q1 2017.



1 The TRIF reporting has been changed to a year-to-date figure instead of 12 month rolling average that was previously used.

2 The cumulative amount of leadership development required to reach two (2) leadership development activities per people manager position during 2016-2020 equals 1500 leadership activities (when number of people manager positions is 650-850). Development activities include job rotations, coaching and mentoring, and development programs.