Sustainable products and solutions

We supply chemicals to the pulp and paper, oil & gas and mining industries, as well as chemicals used in various industries to treat water, wastewater and sludge. We innovate together with our customers to improve efficiency in the use of water, energy and raw materials.
The use of our products and solutions benefits our customers by:
  • Optimizing product quality and yield
  • Enhancing process and energy efficiency
  • Ensuring that water quality meets end-use specifications and regulatory requirements.

Our main product lines are polymers, bleaching and pulping chemicals, coagulants, sizing and strength chemicals, and process chemicals such as defoamers, dispersants and biocides. Most of our chemicals are used as process chemicals to enable the conversion, recovery or extraction of materials, or to facilitate other manufacturing processes. Chemicals that form part of end-products are used to enhance specific product features, or to enable the use of lower quality secondary materials or less virgin raw materials without compromising product quality.

Sustainability reviews at every step of the new product development process

We focus on customer-driven, sustainable innovation. Sustainability reviews are required at every stage of Kemira’s New Product Development (NPD) process to ensure that sustainability criteria are met. The evaluation is conducted considering impacts on both Kemira’s own operations as well as on customers’ processes. The NPD process also aims to identify more sustainable alternatives for raw materials. We always push for solutions that improve sustainability compared to those already available on the market.
Read more about our commitment to product stewardship throughout the product lifecycle.