Responsible supply chain

Kemira is committed to manage relationships with our suppliers in a responsible way. We expect our suppliers to comply with our Code of Conduct for Suppliers, Distributors and Agents. Our management approach aims to build a culture of responsibility in our supply chain management, develop responsible business practices along our supply chains, and minimize business disruptions due to potential environmental or social issues.

Supplier relationship management at Kemira is built on supplier segmentation, commitment to responsible business conduct, supplier performance evaluation, and our Vendor Value Program.

Supplier segmentation involves prioritizing our suppliers into categories for strategic, critical, volume and base suppliers with regard to supplier value, criticality and risk levels.

Our work to ensure commitment to responsible business conduct is based on the principle that any activities of any Sourcing personnel or anyone within Kemira committing to any spend are governed by the Kemira Code of Conduct. Suppliers are expected to commit to adhere to responsible business conduct by signing our Code of Conduct for Suppliers, Distributors and Agents.

Our Supplier Performance Evaluation (SPE) program was launched in 2012. We conduct supplier performance evaluations and rate our suppliers for the accuracy of price and quantity, delivery compliance and quality claims, in order to identify any issues needing improvement. 

Supplier Sustainability Assessments (SSA) also form part of the SPE program as a tool for supplier evaluation.

Our Vendor Value Program supports our strategic management of supplier relationships. The program aims to develop capabilities that will enable the identification, partnering and management of strategic and critical suppliers along the various value chains associated with Kemira’s product lines.