Detergent & cleaning

Detergen & cleaning

Kemira provides Sodium percarbonate that can either be used as a bleaching agent or part of the bleaching system in cleaners, laundry detergents and automatic dishwashing products to support effective and ecological cleaning. 

Our offering for the detergents industry features coated sodium percarbonate known as Kemira ECOX. Sodium percarbonate is used in modern laundry powders to increase whiteness and to remove stains. Kemira ECOX decomposes during the cleaning process into water, soda and oxygen, and is accordingly the most environmentally-friendly bleaching agent.

Sodium percarbonate is replacing in particular perborates, and is used as a bleaching agent in powders and tablets in many applications, including laundry detergents, stain salts and bleach boosters, as well as automatic dishwashing detergents.

In our R&D, we constantly look for opportunities to develop new solutions and products for our detergent industry customers. To support this, we work closely with our customers helping them solve everyday problems. We transfer mutual synergies within Kemira to serve the detergent and cleaning industry with new and effective solutions.