Nickel production has experienced high growth rates in the past decade due to the industrialization in China and India. The production of high-quality stainless steel depends on the ongoing availability of this metal. In order to compete with nickel pig iron, conventional nickel will need to continue to drive extraction costs down, even in the face of declining ore quality.  

We manufacture a number of high-quality additives for nickel processing. Our unique formulations of products are designed to achieve the highest application performance to address the variability in ore bodies. Our products for nickel processing include depressants, coagulants, flocculants, dispersants, grinding aids, surfactants, acid, and briquetting binders. In addition, we strive to help solve our customers’ processing issues.

For the briquetting process, our team of experts have created formulations to enhance the agglomeration process as well as reduce the dust of the finely divided nickel product. These innovative products also help deal with sticking of briquettes. The metal compounds that can be treated include nickel oxide, nickel hydroxide, nickel carbonate, basic nickel carbonate, and nickel nitrate.

Let our staff of application experts, researchers, and sales personnel tailor a program to meet the needs of your operation.


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