Drinking water is life


Water treatment has a long tradition within Kemira and we are world leaders in process know-how and  delivery reliability. Our broad portfolio of products, combined with experience and knowledge in drinking water production, means we have the resources to cover multiple applications – from chemical precipitation to comprehensive process optimization.
All raw water is unique. It contains varying proportions of organic decomposition products, sand/clay particles, algae, bacteria and viruses. The pH may fluctuate widely, as well. Chemical treatment of raw water for production of drinking water is therefore of great importance. This is exactly where our skills are most valuable.

Our wide range of coagulants makes it possible to get the best treatment effect at lowest costs. Coagulants and flocculants specially designed for drinking water treatment improve the quality of the final water by giving several benefits:

  • Excellent particle reduction
  • Reduction of organic matter
  • Low dosing
  • Low production of sludge
  • Low alkalinity consumption
  • Low aluminum residual
  • Broader pH range for coagulation
  • Rapid floc formation 

We have the knowledge to develop and produce tailor-made products for special applications. The combination of high-technology products and skilled personnel has given us the leading position as a producer of coagulants and flocculants for drinking water treatment.



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