Lake restoration

Ecology at its best

Eutrophication constitutes a serious threat to many lakes and reservoirs around the world.
Lake restoration is needed when the natural balance in the lake has changed.

An excess of phosphorus causes growth of algae in the lake. These algae are in some cases toxic and can be a health risk for humans and animals. When algae die it settles on the bottom of the lake and degrades. Phosphorus is released and becomes available for more algae growth.

Dosing is the key factor

The lake condition, time of the year, water composition, demands from environmental authorities, pH sensitivity, product availability and cost, all affect the choice of product for lake restoration. Both aluminum and ferric salts can be used. The choice of products must be evaluated from case to case. In general, dosing into the lake is done with aluminum salts, preferably with Kemira PAX and in some cases with ferric salts, e.g. Kemira PIX.

We have profound dosing and application knowledge which enables you to clean your lakes and water reservoirs safe and thoroughly.  

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