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 Key benefits

  1. Peace of mind through comprehensive service
  2. Optimized operational performance and continuous improvement
  3. World-class safety and regulatory compliance
  4. Access to latest innovations in process technology

“Our customers report significant improvements in plant performance, reduced sludge handling costs and improved energy efficiency
– thanks to their partnership with Kemira Operon.”

- Pekka Koskinen, Managing Director


 Plant management with peace of mind

Waste water treatment plant management has never been this easy – thanks to Kemira Operon
More and more industrial and municipal waste water treatment plants (WWTP) are trusting their operations to Kemira Operon. Operon offers customized services based on each customer’s specific needs – from selected operative and maintenance tasks to fully outsourced plant management. Agreements are based on specific performance indicators agreed together.
Based on the advantages we can offer – industry-leading experts with in-depth knowledge of best practices improving the safety, performance and reliability of WWTPs, comprehensive range of chemistries, tools for smart process management, and decades of experience – working with Kemira Operon is the smart new way of running your WWTP. We ensure that continuous improvement opportunities are identified and captured over the contract lifecycle.


Technologies for smart process management
KemConnect is a key part of Kemira Operon’s way of working – enabling real-time process monitoring and performance optimization. Thanks to the 24/7 data flow, we have the up-to-date insight needed for better decision-making, faster trouble-shooting, smarter chemical management, and improved cost-efficiency. What’s more, it also helps us identify opportunities for improvement in your operations.​


 Case Studies


Mäntän Puhdistamo​

Mäntän Puhdistamo Ltd. in Finland treats wastewater for Metsä Tissue, the Mänttä-Vilppula municipality and Mäntän Energia. Kemira Operon is responsible for the management of the plant. "I act in two roles at the plant,” says regional production manager Mika Ojala. “As the manager of the plant, I work closely with the plant’s board, planning future investments and financing. As production manager, I supervise the operations, maintenance activities and process development."



Lapinlahden Vesi
In Lapinlahti, Finland, Operon serves the municipal water treatment authority Lapinlahden Vesi Ltd, whose plants are managed as a turnkey service. Co-operation has been close for almost ten years. Valio, the country’s biggest dairy product manufacturer, is a key customer of Lapinlahden Vesi.

 ​How to get started?

The collaboration starts with a detailed audit of operations. This provides a clear picture of the current state of the plant and its development potential.  As water volumes increase or decrease, costs can be scaled accordingly. The competence development of the operations people, together with transformation to a service-minded culture, is guided through a change management process. Frequent and transparent reporting against predefined indicators, along with open exchange of information, ensures organizational focus on meeting business objectives.
If you are interested in learning more about the services we can provide, please contact us​.

Pekka Koskinen
Managing Director, Kemira Operon