Municipal Water Treatment


Municipal water treatment has been the backbone of our business since the 1960’s. And so has the close relationship with our customers at multiple water treatment plants around the world. Today we are world leaders in process know-how, supplying reliability and offering an extensive range of both standard and tailor-made products and solutions.

Joint responsibility for overall performance

We have long term experience in assisting municipal water treatment plants to optimize their processes, and we always strive to understand the full scope of your needs. This way we can focus on making sure you get the treatment results required, and we can take joint responsibility for the overall performance.

Whether dealing with drinking water production or wastewater treatment, our offer to municipalities covers multiple applications – from chemical coagulation and precipitation, to biological treatment support, odor and corrosion control, disinfection, and sludge treatment. Any of your challenges can be addressed in cooperation with us. 

Strong in research & development 

Municipal water treatment progress requires extensive research, in which Kemira is intensely engaged. We have our own research and development centers in Europe North America, South America and Asia. In addition to this, we have joint research centers operating together with other business areas within the Kemira Group.