World class waste water treatment

The requirements for the treatment of municipal waste water have steadily increased in recent decades. For example, phosphate elimination for water protection, sludge treatment for improved disposal and treatment of heavily polluted industrial streams are just some of the cleaning performance tasks facing today's wastewater treatment plants.
We understand these requirements completely. For many decades, Kemira has produced high quality water treatment chemicals and developed new technical solutions for their application. Our R & D team is constantly engaged in trying to find more efficient, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective solutions to the daily challenges.

Kemira is the only manufacturer that produces both inorganic and organic products for water and waste water treatment in-house. Our experienced technical team is therefore always able to offer the most optimal product solution for your process – with the customer’s success constantly in mind.
Our products can each be used individually or as part of a complete solution that will support your applications, such as:
  • DesinFix - The solution for environmentally friendly disinfection
  • Kemira FilamentEx  - The solution against filamentous bacteria
  • Kemira H2S-Guard  - The solution for odor and corrosion control
  • Kemira’s biogas program – The solution for enhanced biogas production 

Our customers know their waste water treatment plants better than anyone else. We combine their operating knowledge with our long-term experience in developing products and solutions to obtain the water quality and process efficiency that customers require. Together we can improve treatment results.​​​​​​​



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