Tailor-made portfolio for spray concrete production

Additives Today the modern manufacturing process for concrete production uses many different additives to improve the handling and the concrete properties itself. Kemira offers the main raw materials used in production of the latest generation of low alkali or alkali free accelerators for spray concrete. 

Our tailor-made portfolio includes:

  • KEMIRA ALG, a granulated aluminum sulfate that due to easy handling, high aluminum content and very good dissolution properties gives production benefits compared to, for example, powdered aluminum sulfate products. 
  • Zeolite, which can be used as an aluminum source but will also give increased stability to liquid formulations of aluminum salts
  • Calcium nitrate, as an important accelerator for concrete
  • KEMIRA SAX, Sodium aluminate as a traditional alkaline accelerator for sprayed concrete(shotcrete)

Mortars, putty and cement

The above products are also important components of other formulated concrete additives and raw materials for formulated products like mortars, putty and special cement aimed for the consumer market.

Such formulations also benefit from other Kemira product series such as biocides to prevent microbiological growth, defoamers to avoid foaming and air void formation in cement or mortar, and phosphonates used as dispersion agents and settling retarders. Kemira can further offer milled polymers to function as rheology control agents for formulated products as well as dispersants for pigments and other solids in the end products. 


 Key features & benefits

  • ​Broad product variety for spray concrete production
  • Customized milling and product features




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