BOD and COD removal

BOD and COD removalBiochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical oxygen demand (COD) are two different ways to measure how much oxygen the water will consume when it enters the recipient. In both cases the oxygen-consuming substances are mainly of organic origin. These substances should be reduced to a minimum in the wastewater treatment plant. Industries normally focus more on COD and municipalities more on BOD removal.

With chemical treatment, removal of COD is improved at basically all kinds of wastewater plants. The more particle-bound COD, the more efficient the removal rate. Our products can separate some dissolved substances as well, but when the COD consists of small organic molecules a biological treatment process is normally preferred. 

If our products are used before the secondary treatment, the biological process will work more efficiently and consume less energy. Or if needed, the plant capacity can be increased without any major investments. A wastewater treatment plant using chemicals to support BOD/COD removal will always be the most compact plant and leave the smallest possible environmental footprint.


 Key features & benefits

  • ​Lower investment needed for more compact treatment plants
  • Improved treatment capacity of existing processes combining chemistry and biology




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