Sludge control helps avoiding bulking sludge and foam

The solution to prevent bulking sludge and foaming

Bulking sludge and foam controlThe formation of bulking sludge and foam in a biological process is mainly due to specific sludge properties. Kemira FilamentEx has been developed to address these problems and bring stability back to the wastewater process.
Kemira FilamentEx offers a superior way of promoting good sludge structure to avoid bulking sludge and foam. Experience shows that the treatment must be resolute and determined. Otherwise there is a risk of environmental damage and foam overflow problems and, in the worst cases, process failure and lower treatment capacity. 

Tailor-made treatments

Kemira FilamentEx is built on deep experience, knowledge, research and analysis. This makes it possible to correctly diagnose your problem, draw the right conclusions and come up with a well-balanced treatment.
To prevent formation of bulking sludge and foam, our program includes:
  • chemical, physical, and biological analysis
  • expert recommendations
  • treatment
  • follow-up

 Key features & benefits

  • stabilized process conditions
  • lower total operational costs



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