Desalination and water reuse

Get the most out of your process with Kemira membrane program

Desalination and water reuseThe Kemira membrane program is a combination of application know-how and high performance products. It enables you to optimize the whole water reuse or desalination process from water intake to the post-treatment in a better way.
With Kemira membrane program, your water production can be maximized and operational costs reduced. Kemira supports you with deep understanding of water treatment from troubleshooting to holistic solutions, giving safe, cost-efficient and fluent RO-operations. We offer application know-how, mobile pilot plants and laboratory facilities for membranes and deposits analysis to support the optimal performance of your membrane system used in water reuse or desalination.

 Key features & benefits

  • Cleaner membranes for longer time
  • Constant or increased flux and recovery rates
  • Increased operation time between cleaning of membranes
  • Reduced energy consumption of the process
  • Reduced total costs




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