Dextran and starch breakdown

Dextran and starch breakdown will simplify your life

Dextran breakdown

Dextran and starch breakdownHigh dextran content in raw sugar juice creates operational problems in the mill. The large dextran molecules increase the viscosity of syrup, massecuite and molasses, thereby hampering the sucrose crystallization and purging processes. In addition, sucrose crystal elongation may occur, which further reduces molasses exhaustion. As a result, factory capacity and yield are lowered, and in many cases it is necessary to shut down the mill for equipment cleaning. 
KemTalo® Zyme D, Kemira's liquid Dextranase concentrate, breaks down dextran and minimizes capacity bottlenecks and production stops.  

Starch breakdown

Raw sugar with high concentration of starch causes filtration problems and poor crystallization in the refining process. Additionally, raw sugar containing more than 150 ppm of starch (on Brix) has a lower market value in many countries. KemTalo Zyme BA is a heat-stable alpha-amylase which helps you overcome these challenges by hydrolyzing the 1,4-alpha glucosidic linkages of amylose and amylopectin in a random manner so that the starch is rapidly decomposed into various oligosaccharide hydrolysis products. 

Key features & benefits

  • Easy dosage
  • Increased production capacity


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