Disinfection with Kemira DesinFix

Disinfection with Kemira DesinFixClean water is a scarce resource as well as a global necessity. Kemira is committed to developing efficient and innovative technologies for the purification of wastewater. Disinfection enables compliance with legislation covering bacteria levels in effluents being discharged. However, different means of disinfection vary in terms of price, environmental impact, energy consumption and installation cost. 

Kemira is proud to present DesinFix – a state-of-the-art, chlorine-free disinfection technology meeting your needs, and those of the environment.

DesinFix is a complete disinfection technology including chemicals, equipment and related services. It is developed for waste water disinfection and water reuse applications such as:

  • agricultural and landscape irrigation
  • recreational applications (meeting the requirements of the EU bathing water directive)
  • industrial water reuse applications such as disinfection of internal process water

 Key features & benefits

  • No harmful disinfection by-products are formed
  • Safe storage, handling and dosing of chemicals



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