Advanced products for juice, syrup & liquor clarification

Specific ranges for all clarification tasks

Juice clarificationAdvanced products for juice, syrup & liquor clarification

Juice clarification is the most important part at the beginning of the sugar process. In this step the liquid/solid separation starts which removes all the mud, leaves and trash that were brought in with the initial raw material. This process involves a range of clarifier types and Kemira can offer tailor-made flocculants with our KemTalo® Sep and Superfloc® range to suit all types of clarifiers from the tray type Dorr to the new generation short retention clarifiers. 

Syrup clarification

Many mills possess the extra syrup flotation system to improve turbidity and boiling house recovery. Kemira products for this process have been specially designed and have a successful track record.

Liquor clarification

Re-melt liquor clarification systems in refineries can use two methods: phospho-flotation (Talofloc® process) and carbonatation. Kemira offers specially designed products for both these processes resulting in brilliant clarified liquor.

 Key features & benefits

  • Increased sugar recovery
  • Fastest settling rates for SRI clarifier



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