Odor and corrosion control

The odor and corrosion challenge

Odor and corrosion controlOdor issues and corrosion of concrete pipes are two common challenges in waste water treatment. In most cases they are caused by the same chemical substance, hydrogen sulfide, H2S. Being able to measure and control the hydrogen sulfide at, or near, the point of nuisance is essential to prevent the problem from occurring.

We know the cause of odor and corrosion – and we have the solution

Kemira H2S-Guard was developed to provide a reliable and proactive solution to odor and corrosion problems. All the required steps – measurement, monitoring and control – to combat the problematic hydrogen sulfide have been neatly packed in one solution. Our approach is not to add large quantities of chemical products, as this is neither an effective nor, in the long-term, a sustainable method.
The Kemira H2S-Guard is a complete package consisting of chemicals, equipment, installation, web access to all results, service, maintenance, training and education.

 Key features & benefits

  • Easy monitoring and web access to all relevant data
  • Smart product solutions





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