Scale prevention

Protect your valuable equipment

Scale preventionIn various industrial plants where water, sludge or other product streams are handled the formation of scale is an eminent problem.  Clogging of pipes, less efficient heat transfer or even breakdown of heat exchangers, loss of function, cost for cleaning, damage to the equipment such as centrifuges, pumps, sensors and valves are just some of the long list of negative impacts that can occur.
To counter these impacts, Kemira has developed a large product portfolio of antiscalants which meet the various needs for cleaning or preventing this mineral scale formation on your valuable equipment.

Anaerobic digestion - KemGuard®

Mineral scale such as struvite, vivianite and calcite are common in anaerobic digestion processes and can cause costly process stops and cleaning procedures. The scale which occurs in pipes and heat exchangers is generated by the release of cations, such as Mg2+, Ca2+, Fe2+, NH4+ and anions, such as PO43-, CO32-
Kemira offers a versatile product range of aqueous polymeric KemGuard® antiscalants to inhibit the scale formation in anaerobic systems.

Evaporators in sugar industry - KemTalo Scale

KemTalo Scale is specifically developed for use in multiple-effect sugar factory evaporators. It is simple and cost effective to use. It helps to prevent the formation of scale inside the evaporator tubes, enabling milling to continue non-stop for up to 4 to 5 weeks. It also ensures that any scale that does eventually form is soft and easy to remove, resulting in less down time for cleaning and therefore more profit.

 Key features & benefits

  • Improved heat transfer and lower energy consumption for pumping
  • Savings and less time lost for plant maintenance



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