Sludge treatment

Sludge treatmentSludge treatment and disposal of sludge can be very costly. It is therefore important that sludge volumes are kept at a minimum with a high dry-solids content to reduce disposal costs.
We provide numerous effective products for sludge dewatering. These include a wide variety of Superfloc polymers designed for sludge dewatering to achieve optimal process results. In some cases our iron-based coagulants can also be beneficial in this process. A combination of a polymer and a coagulant normally gives improved dewatering properties. 
This is especially valid for biological sludge with low fiber content. In many cases, the combined use of our coagulants and flocculants also leads to reduced emissions of hydrogen sulfide and ammonia, for environmental benefits. With our broad product range we can offer one or a combination of products to get the most out of sludge dewatering.

 Key features & benefits

  • Improved reject water quality
  • Reduced sludge volume




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