Suspended solids removal is an important issue for clean water

TSolids removalhe amount of suspended solids in water is expressed as turbidity units.  Removal of suspended solids is one important issue when aiming to produce healthy and aesthetic water. Particles in the final water affect other quality parameters such as microbial stability and disinfection by-products. Microorganisms can be shielded by the suspended particles and hence lead to risks of inadequate disinfection efficiency, especially if ultraviolet light (UV) is being used.

We have developed coagulants with unique properties for removing suspended solids. Tailor-made coagulants and flocculants designed for suspended solids removal can give you exceptionally low residual particle matter. Our long experience in developing pre-polymerized coagulants has made us the number one supplier of coagulants in the world.



 Key features & benefits

  • Safer water quality with certified chemicals
  • Pre-polymerized coagulants for best results




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