TunnelingTunnel boring machines (TBMs) and associated back-up systems are used to highly automate the entire tunneling process, reducing tunneling costs. The TBM technology has had a great impact and opened the way for construction of longer tunnels and tunnels under highly populated areas. 

Especially when boring in soft ground with very high water pressure and large amounts of ground water, TBMs require slurry shielding by bentonite-based material. Kemira offers polymer and coagulant products both to formulate the bentonite slurry with optimal rheology properties and also to separate the bentonite and soil particles out of the slurry after use.

Kemira's knowledge in water treatment is also highly appreciated in tunneling projects to remove silt and clay particles from the large volumes of water that may have to be discharged depending on soil type and ground water status. 

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