Packaging & board


Strong. Light. Sustainable.

Packaging has a critical role in protecting products as well as enhancing the brand and product experience. Through innovative chemistry, Kemira helps packaging & board makers to improve desired board properties such as:

Our complete product portfolio enhances the use of recycled materials for producing lightweight packaging material while maintaining critical end product features such as strength and stiffness. Kemira’s innovative chemistries reduce packaging weight and enable higher loads per shipment, helping our customers to improve their sustainability.


Protect and promote

Packaging needs to protect products from external influences, especially when food products are involved. Kemira chemistry helps to ensure the package has the right mechanical endurance and in cases of food packaging, that the product is safe from microbes and other contaminants.
In addition to protection, packaging also has an important role in promotion and consumer appeal. With Kemira’s products, packaging producers can significantly improve printability and functionality of the packaging materials, allowing for improved surface properties to turn simple packaging into highly effective product advertising. Attractive packaging can help to increase sales significantly.
With our expertise in chemistry we also streamline our customers’ cost efficiency by improving their process, raw material and energy efficiency.


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