Packaging & board

Packaging is essential for modern society and global trade. Total world production of fiber-based packaging and board is around 230 million tons per year, which is approximately 60% of the global paper and board production. The main growth in the coming years is forecast in Asia and Latin America.

Mechanical endurance and dimensional stability are crucial properties for packaging materials. Kemira FennoBond strength technology allows you to maintain strength and stiffness either with lower fiber cost or with lower basis weight. Packages for consumer goods also need the right surface properties to allow first-class printing and promotional features. Kemira`s Fennosize chemistries for internal and surface hydrofobation, as well as the new generation of Fennobind coating binders and other surface additives enable the packaging producer to customize surface properties in the widest possible range.

Maintaining the highest possible productivity and process cleanliness are also vital elements for board makers today. Kemira KemFlite, KemForm and FennoClean concepts help board producers to get maximum cleanliness and productivity.


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