Pulp and paper chemicals


Value built in paper

Kemira’s roots are in the pulp & paper industry. We are committed to innovating for the long-term future of the industry together with our customers. We have unique expertise in applying chemicals to create value both in the pulp and papermaking process and for the final product. Through our chemistry we improve our customers’ process efficiency, productivity and end-product quality.
Our leading portfolio covers the whole process from pulping to coating, finishing and printing. We provide best-in-class application knowhow, technical service, and tools for smart process management.
Kemira Total Chemistry Management (TCM) approach allows for improved operational efficiency, competitiveness and cost savings, and ensures direct access to Kemira’s total offering and new R&D innovations.
With our global manufacturing network, we ensure local presence and high quality products to our customers around the world.
Let’s work together to build value into paper.