Reusing water for industrial processes and irrigation in Saudi Arabia

09/12/2014 Success story

Water is a scarce resource in Saudi Arabia and the public administration and private companies implement water reuse whenever possible.

A reverse osmosis plant installed in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia helps to treat industrial waste water streams to quality levels that permit water reuse for industrial applications and irrigation. Kemira KemGuard antiscalant is used to prevent deposit formation on the membranes and Superfloc polymer in the pre-treatment. 


The waste water treatment plant installed in a big industrial settlement in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia produces reclaimed water 10,000 m3 per day. The reclaimed water is produced from the waste water streams collected from the industries operating in the area. The process consists of a physical-chemical treatment where polymers are used, filtration and reverse osmosis. The reclaimed water is sold back to the industries and part of it is made available for irrigation.
Saudi Arabia has very limited water resources and many changes in its enviromental policies related to water are being made to address the issue. Most of the municipal water is produced from sea water in desalination plants, and both thermal and membrane based treatment methods are applied. The possibility to treat waste water and reuse it, clearly allows water resource optimization.


Kemira KemGuard antiscalants are designed for very specific applications. Scaling projection software allows to identify the right product and the needed dosage level for every type of water source. In the case of this application a product based on a blend of phosphonates was used to maintain the membranes clean. 

Kemira Superfloc polymers are used for physical-chemical treatments, water clarification and sludge dewatering. Having the right polymer in RO pretreatment is key to have water with low SDI values ready for the membrane filtration.


Membrane scale and fouling prevention is a key factor to maintain the plant efficiency and the stable water quality and production. The possibility to combine the Kemira Superfloc polymer and the KemGuard antiscalant in the treatment optimizes the process in terms of total cost and performance. 

Customer Benefits

  • Membrane protection against scaling and fouling
  • Reduced need for chemical cleaning
  • Water quality and quantity management
  • Application knowledge to help optimize the process 
For more information, please contact
Giuseppe Fiorenza, Senior Application Specialist, Kemira Oyj

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