Addressing phosphorus challenges together – moving towards circular economy

Phosphorus is one of the vital building blocks for life, and essential for e.g. food production and animal feed. Yet most of the phosphorus in Europe is wasted due to insufficient wastewater treatment and poor nutrient recycling. 95% of the phosphorus used in Europe is imported from outside the EU. The wasted phosphorus in turn causes environmental damage through eutrophication in rivers, lakes and oceans. In the European Union, phosphorus has been included in the list of critical raw materials, indicating the importance to develop technical solutions and business models for phosphorus recycling. We can address this challenge together.

“Using coagulants is the most effective and cost-efficient solution for capturing and removing phosphorus from wastewater. With coagulants, up to 97% of phosphorus can be captured at the wastewater treatment plant – after which it could be made available for recycling,” says Tuula Paajanen, Senior Manager for Corporate Responsibility at Kemira.

Value beyond regulatory compliance – for the efficiency of your operations

In your water treatment operations, it is important to meet the requirements of environmental legislation but also to seek continuous process, energy and cost efficiency. With over 50 years of experience, we can support you at every stage of the water cycle: from raw water, wastewater and sludge to drinking water treatment. Could improved phosphorus removal be the next development area?

European Commission strategizing for Circular Economy

The European Commission presented its Circular Economy Strategy in late 2015 with the aim of transforming Europe into a more competitive, resource-efficient economy. The role of chemistry in circular economy is a fundamental one. As part of our comprehensive and market-leading portfolio of water and sludge treatment chemistries, we can also help our customers in phosphorus removal & recovery from wastewater. 
We have taken an active stance in the discussions around circular economy. Learn more about Kemira’s approach by reading our recently published Position Paper Circular Economy.

» Download Position Paper Circular Economy

What are your ideas for phosphorus recycling? How can we support you? Let’s talk.
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