A dash of design thinking equals innovative solutions

Design hackathon is an event where diverse teams come up with innovative solutions to real-life problems. Kemira is always looking for unconventional ideas, innovative thinking, and sources of inspiration for our work. This is why we are partnering up with Dash Lapland, the northernmost design hackathon in the world, taking place in Rovaniemi, Finland, on April 12–14.

A dash of design thinking equals innovative solutions

Tackling the 1.5 degree challenge

Kemira’s challenge in the hackathon is built around climate change and the 1.5 degree stretch goal set by governments around the world in the so-called Paris Agreement. 

”The 1.5 degree challenge affects us all”, says Rasmus Valanko, Head of Corporate Responsibility. ”Climate change won’t be fixed with incremental improvements only. It also requires us to change our behavior and to find innovations in technology, finance and business models. 

As our population grows and we work to meet aspirations of a good life, the demands we are placing on our planet’s resources are increasing. The more we produce, consume, and waste, the more resources we use. Global megatrends – such as a growing middle-class, increasing urbanization, tighter regulation, and increasing scarcity of resources – are shaping our industries.  Through chemistry, we play our part in helping the world find solutions to climate change and to move towards more bio-based, recyclable, and reusable materials.   

We want to explore how design thinking can be used to better prepare for the needs of our future customers.

Rasmus Valanko

What’s the point of a hackathon?

Design hackathons put end users at the core. They have the potential to solve the real-life problems of real-life people. ”The goal for us is to look for new solutions and unconventional ideas. We want to explore how design thinking can be used to better prepare for the needs of our future customers and see what kind of innovations we can develop and choices we can make to ensure a better everyday”, Rasmus clarifies. 

Dash Lapland is organized by Lapland Design Group which aims to promote design thinking in Northern Finland and enhance design knowledge in our society. Everyone can apply to be a part of the hackathon – the application period was opened on February 18 and closes on March 17. 

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