Kemira DesinFix awarded with the WEX Global Award 2014

The WEX Global Awards for Innovation recognizes significant achievements in the field of innovation across a broad spectrum of categories within the water and energy sectors.

Kemira applied with DesinFix, a disinfection concept for water streams, for the category “Innovation in Water and/or Wastewater Management” and won on February 26th 2014 at the WEX Global Summit 2014 in Madrid.

This award recognizes innovation in the realization of sustainable water and/or waste water management and honors projects or programs of water management which recognizes excellence in any area of development related to sustainable water management and demonstrates significant progress towards the sustainable management of water resources in an urban environment.


What makes DesinFix unique?

Kemira DesinFix convinced the WEX Global Award’s jury with hard facts. In comparison to other environmentally friendly disinfection chemicals DesinFix is:


  • Suitable for all quality types of wastewater streams, storm water and raw water
  • Lethal to microorganisms- leaves bacteria, fungi, and viruses dead without possibility for reactivation
  • Non-halogen
  • Not restricted by high concentration of suspended solids
  • Not restricted by iron content in the water
  • No need for upstream sand filters or membrane systems
  • Very simple and fast applicable with low investment cost

 Contact Patricia Aubeuf-Prieur if you are interested and want to learn more!

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