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Kemira increases prices of iron-based coagulants in EMEA as of January 1, 2020

Kemira, a global chemical company serving customers in water intensive industries, announces price increase for iron-based coagulants in EMEA for the Industry and Water segment.

Kemira is committed to minimizing the cost impacts resulting from the high demand for alternatives to copperas raw materials. However, the price adjustment is necessary to mitigate cost increases and to maintain sustainable operations, ensuring the secure supply of high-quality iron-based coagulants.

The following price increases will become effective as of January 1, 2020 or as contract terms allow:

Product line Product family Price increase
Inorganic coagulants All Fe-based 4-8%

The price increases will vary based on geographic region and differ by product type.

Kemira continues to be committed as a long-standing supplier of high-quality products and solutions for the water intensive industries in the EMEA region.

Wido Waelput
Senior Vice President, Commercial, Industry & Water EMEA
tel. +49 17 2884 3496
wido.waelput (a)


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