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Improve well performance, reduce non-production time

Oil and gas drilling operations are increasing as the global energy market continues to grow. To meet these demands, operators are being challenged to drill in harsher conditions while meeting economic and environmental targets.

We are a fully integrated manufacturer of oilfield drilling additives, supplying global service companies with specialty chemicals for their water and oil mud systems.

Drilling mud composition directly contributes to the condition and life of an oil or gas well. The ability of the fluid to cool and lubricate the bit, remove drill cuttings to the surface, control bottom hole pressure and prevent formation damage is a function of the mud composition. Our additives for oil and water based muds are designed to complement and enhance the performance of our customers’ mud systems, enabling minimum non-production time and improved well performance.

The characteristics of our customers drilling muds can be basic or complex, depending on the reservoir and operational requirements. Our portfolio contains products for use in simple low temperature, fit for purpose muds to higher temperature, higher solids oil or synthetic muds. Using our application knowledge and regional in-house testing facilities, we can evaluate the products in your mud system to ensure compatibility and performance needs are met.




Increase operational efficiency and profitability

Unconventional oil and gas production by hydraulic fracturing continues to grow as technology advances and the geographical reach widens to accommodate global energy demands. We are a leading provider of specialty frac fluids to the North American shale market.

Understanding the varied field and fluid conditions is critical to the success of our customer’s frac job. Our application and chemical knowledge helps in selecting the optimal chemical treatment, taking those ever changing conditions into account. We provide you with the correct technical solution, bringing economic and operational efficiencies.

Our application labs provide customer-specific support, enabling us to evaluate the performance of products quickly and provide indicative data prior to field implementation. Our R&D groups are focused on solving customer challenges with innovation and improved performance, combined with environmental and economic benefits.





Maintain flow, optimize asset performance

Maintaining production and operating profitability relies on effective chemical solutions to address production optimization, flow assurance, and asset integrity challenges. Our global expertise in water intensive industries enables us to develop unique chemical solutions for use in your chemical management systems – improving operating efficiency and maximizing profitability in your upstream process.

Our heritage in water treatment and polymer chemistry provides Kemira oilfield customers with production optimization benefits specifically through efficient phase separation of produced water. Access to application expertise, a wide product portfolio, and a global manufacturing footprint allows you to treat your water streams for reuse or disposal to meet operation and environmental specifications.

Oilfield brines are successfully treated to prevent inorganic scale deposition, helping to ensure continuous flow assurance from the reservoir to the point of sale. Our R&D experts focus on delivering innovative scale control solutions as operating environments become more challenging. The development of novel inhibitor detection systems enable you to make informed treatment decisions based on rapid, simple field analysis, extending the life of your treatment and minimising operating costs.

Produced water in the process challenges the integrity of the field. Our biocides and corrosion inhibitors extend the service life of your assets, controlling SRB and APB long-term.




Designed to extract more

Chemical EOR and IOR operations are designed to help operators extract more production and profit from new and mature hydrocarbon resources. To enhance your field economics, we have developed a number of solutions offering advanced, custom-designed polymer injection programs to improve recovery and release more profit with less risk.

Kemira EOR and IOR solutions are tailored for operator choice and convenience. Whether your requirements are for chemicals alone, chemicals and hydration equipment, or fully-managed field services, we are able to provide a tailored approach to match your needs. We understand how critical the choice of chemicals is to the overall success of an oil recovery operation. To capture the most appropriate polymer properties for the optimal injectivity and sweep efficiency, we focus on four key field conditions: reservoir temperature, permeability, divalent ion concentration, and oil in place viscosity. Our conventional polyacrylamides are optimized for low severity environments and our sulphonated polymers for harsh conditions. We help you sweep more oil from the reservoir and lower the risk of damage.

Our make-down and injection systems are engineered for durability and performance to maximize polymer dissolution and injectivity. Suitable for working with dry or liquid polymers, they are sized for yard trials, piolet well and full field injection to give you flexibility in your operations. If required, we can offer the convenience of a turn-key operational approach where we provide polymers and other chemical technology, equipment logistics, polymer dissolution and injection, and monitoring.

Our aim is to be an integrated source for best-in-class polymer technology and leading equipment solutions – benefiting you with enhanced production and profit gain.

Oil sands

Oil sands

Oil sands

Improving total separation efficiency and water quality

The Canadian oil sands market presents unique challenges compared to conventional oil and gas production. The extraction of viscous hydrocarbons involves water intensive processes where maximum water efficiency is required. We offer a holistic approach to our oil sands customers, combining innovative technology, polymer hydration and injection equipment, and total chemical management through our technical field service and applications support teams.

Using our core competencies in polymer technology, we develop innovative solutions for oil-water-solids separation to the SAGD market and improved solid-liquid separation for the tailings encountered in surface mining.

In oil sands mining operations, we collaborate with the process innovation leads of our customers to identify new approaches and improve tailings treatment efficiency. We provide solutions which maintain the high throughput of fluid fine tailings treatment and meet the regulatory requirements of oil sands tailings management (AER Directive 085). Our chemical packages are tailored to accommodate the specific mixing and dewatering mechanisms for each treatment approach while also improving the quantity and quality of released water.

Working directly with our Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) customers, our regional application teams provide unique solutions to treat your upstream and downstream operations, improving total separation efficiency and water recovery. At site, we optimize upstream chemical applications and processes to improve oil recovery and minimize carry over into downstream processes. Downstream, the use of our specialty polymers removes residual hydrocarbons and improves your water recovery efficiency to meet operational targets. We treat the separation process holistically, reducing chemical usage, improving separation performance and minimizing environmental impact.

Our offering to the oil & gas customers

Life of field chemical solutions

We offer chemical solutions across all stages of the upstream oil and gas process. Whether you’re drilling new wells with KemDrill™ PHPAs or enhancing your oil recovery in mature fields with KemSweep™ polymers, we can offer chemical and application solutions.

Service engineers for on-site support

Kemira can provide on-site services for our cEOR and IOR applications. Our Kemira MaxXtract™ program offers custom-designed polymer injection solutions where customers can choose from a combination of chemicals, equipment and managed field services to match your operational needs.

Water chemistry excellence

Global water management challenges are driving the industry to focus on how to reduce, reuse and recycle water in a responsible way. Our industry-leading global water treatment expertise provides solutions to cover the full water cycle. For example, our KemSep® and KemPhase™ chemistries help you minimize treatment costs and environmental risk.

Leading-edge research and development

As the oil and gas industry works to serve the needs of the growing global energy market, it is facing harsher environments and more technically challenging applications. Our global R&D centers are investing in innovation to ensure high-performance products, focusing on profitability, safety and sustainability.

Smart process management

Kemira KemConnect™ solution for smart process management enables effective control and monitoring of chemical applications. It provides 24/7 monitoring of polymer injection services in our Kemira MaxXtract EOR programs. The KemConnect™ EOR  detects residual KemSweep™ polymers on-site for rapid response to process changes.

High safety performance

Our EHSQ Policy requires that all manufacturing sites are certified in accordance with OHSAS 18001 management system standards for Occupational Health and Safety. We measure and report our safety performance with the TRIF indicator (Total Recordable Injury Frequency per million hours worked), and foster a strong safety culture.

Product stewardship at Kemira means that we ensure the products we supply can be safely used, and that chemical risk and impact evaluations are incorporated into our product lifecycle management approach.

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