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Better hygiene in food packaging board

A two-day outbreak of bacterial spores on a board machine can lead to the loss of thousands of tons of finished food packaging board, at a cost approaching millions of euros.

Better hygiene in food packaging board

Board grades used for packaging food and beverages must meet strict hygienic requirements. If there are microorganisms present in hygienic board grades it can lead to rejected tonnage or downtime – and be extremely costly. Despite running significant amounts of biocides on their board machines, many manufacturers are having difficulties in meeting the strict end-product specifications for hygiene.

In this whitepaper, our experts take some of the mystery out of solving the bacteria problems and share insights, experiences, and examples that help you keep your board within the hygiene specifications.

Download the whitepaper to find out

  • Why hygienic control is all about spore control
  • Why intense use of biocides is not enough to solve hygienic issues
  • What are the corrosion risks of intensive biocide programs
  • How to achieve superior hygiene on a board machine



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