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Calculating the carbon footprint of friction reducers

In this webinar you will hear Kemira’s experts discuss how Kemira as a chemical manufacturer calculates the carbon footprint of our KemFlow® friction reducers. In our presentation we compare a full lifecycle analysis of our liquid and powder polymers to ensure our customers can make educated decisions when selecting the most appropriate product for their application.

Topics discussed:

How our customers can accurately estimate and compare the CO2 footprint of powder vs emulsion polymers for use in the field by

  • considering the factors that comprise the CO2 footprint of powders and emulsion polymers, and how they differ
  • demonstrating how Kemira calculates CO2 footprints of our products using ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standards and assessment methods
  • highlighting supply chain and application variances that can impact the final number
  • reviewing our numbers to show that emulsions have an equivalent or possibly lower carbon footprint than do powders.

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Don Rutz

Director, Special Projects, Oil & Gas
Houston, Texas

Jaakko Hiltunen

Manager, Product Lines, Sustainable Products Portfolio

Marko Laakkonen

Principal Scientist, Research & Development

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