Challenging our R&D to meet the needs of our oilfield customers

Kemira has a long history of developing and manufacturing polymeric scale inhibitors and dispersants for oilfield applications. As the industry changes and scale control becomes more challenging, we need to continue working closely with our customers to fulfill their evolving needs.

Challenging our R&D to meet the needs of our oilfield customers

Our research and development teams in Atlanta (USA) and Espoo (Finland) have been focusing on innovating new KemGuard™ products. We’re developing new chemistries to extend the life of your field, providing economical and technical scale solutions for production and stimulation applications.

Dispersing iron sulphide

In Atlanta R&D, we’ve been utilizing our experience in the pulp and paper and other water intensive industries to identify suitable products for iron sulphide (FeS) dispersion. Reviewing a wide range of alternative chemistries, we’ve identified polymers that preferentially adsorb onto the growing iron sulphide crystal, changing the size, charge, and crystal structure of the particles.

Initial static results show that our polymer 1) adsorbs onto the FeS particle and hinders growth 2) reduces the size of the FeS particle, keeping it held in suspension and preventing deposition 3) changes the zeta potential and prevents agglomeration, and 4) remains thermally stable at 120°C.

Controlling halite deposition

Halite (NaCl) is a “niche” or unconventional oilfield scale that typically forms in HPHT high salinity wells. Control is typically through injection of fresh or lower salinity water, which can be difficult depending on the field location and process configuration. Chemical control with inhibitors can require large dosages and becomes uneconomical. Kemira’s Atlanta R&D experts have been studying alternative chemistries to control Halite and initial results promising.

Under lab conditions in static bottle tests KemGuard 2500 HI prevents the growth of Halite at 100 ppm.

Growing our tagged inhibitor family

Our Espoo team has recently introduced a 4th member to our family of tagged inhibitors: a fluorescent tagged polymeric inhibitor KemGuard 2430. Similar to its KemGuard 269 parent, KemGuard 2430 delivers excellent sulphate inhibition at low minimum inhibitor concentrations (MIC), with the addition of a unique identifying fluorescent molecule incorporated into the backbone.

Our tagged inhibitors meet the need for differentiated detection in a co-mingled fluid. Up to 5 products can be individually detected in a single stream from different fields, wells or producing zones. The same parent backbone in all products eliminates the need for multiple inhibitor chemistries in the field. A single effective inhibitor chemistry that can be detected without compromising on performance.

KemGuard tagged inhibitors
Kemira’s tagged KemGuard products are effective and detectable to low ppm levels enabling our customers to optimize their treatments, reduce operating costs and maintain production flow.

Our experts from both Atlanta and Espoo R&D centers will be in Aberdeen at the SPE International Oilfield Scale Conference and Exhibition. Come and talk to us in more detail about these projects and Kemira’s scale control solutions for your oilfield applications.


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