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From freezing sea to baking desert – diverse solutions for a diverse region

From the chill winds of the North Sea to the blazing sunshine of Saudi Arabia, Ian Hay, Sales Manager, Oil & Gas, EMEA, encounters a diverse range of challenges in his work. Although the differences within his region are marked, he believes the solution always begins with combining world-class expertise with best-in-class chemicals.

From freezing sea to baking desert – diverse solutions for a diverse region

“When your work covers Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) there are a number of practical challenges, from different time zones to different cultural habits. It’s safe to say my job is definitely varied,” laughs Ian. “My work is particularly focused on the North Sea, a mature region with the highest number of offshore rigs in the world, and the Middle East, where a lot of new oil and gas fields are currently being explored and developed. This makes for quite a contrast, but the wide range of challenges our customers face certainly keeps my work varied and interesting.”

Our wide-ranging expertise in water treatment is invaluable for mature wells.

Extending the lifetime of oil and gas fields

Like any other market, the North Sea has its own specific characteristics, developed out of nearly 60 years of commercial oil extraction. “Our UK manufacturing locations keep us as close as possible to our customers in the North Sea,” explains Ian. “It’s a mature region and customers tend to be looking for the best possible performance with the most competitive pricing. There is also the drive towards continuously improved environmental performance. The North Sea, and Norway in particular, is seen as having the world’s strictest environmental legislation for offshore oil and gas extraction. When we develop new chemistries – often in joint projects with customers – we always consider the environmental impact, whether it’s through optimizing the process, so we can use less chemicals, or by replacing an existing product with an alternative solution that has an improved environmental rating.”

Mature wells often need more complex solutions, which is where Kemira’s expertise really begins to shine. “Our wide-ranging expertise in water treatment is invaluable for mature wells,” Ian points out. “Water is the most voluminous byproduct generated from mature fields, and it all needs treating before it can be returned to the sea. The older the well, the more water is produced – so the more efficiently and cost effectively you can treat it, the more efficient and cost effective the well will be. Water can also cause scale, which can slow or even stop oil and gas production. Kemira’s chemicals and expertise can help with all these issues, effectively extending the economic lifetime of fields.”

Products like our friction reducers make oil and gas recovery more economically and environmentally viable.

Supporting the shale gas revolution

“The Middle East is a very different area and is currently following the USA with its very own shale gas revolution,” explains Ian. “Some of the biggest opportunities can be found in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, Libya, and the Black Sea region. As these fields are explored and developed, we’ll use our expertise and the deep experience we’ve gained in North America to help customers in the region take advantage of the new opportunities in the most resource-efficient and sustainable way possible.”

Kemira’s recognized expertise in unconventional stimulation is already helping customers to maximize the efficiency of the hydraulic fracturing process. “Products like our friction reducers allow for more energy efficient operations and improve water management processes, making oil and gas recovery more economically and environmentally viable,” says Ian.

A tried and trusted approach

Although EMEA is perhaps more diverse than other regions, customers still tend to want the same thing from their solutions. “Kemira is well known in the oil and gas industry for having a very strong product base,” explains Ian. “Our products offer extremely high performance and are backed up by Kemira’s first-class research and development teams. This enables us to help our customers improve their product quality, process and resource efficiency, and sustainability. So while the challenges may vary from customer to customer and from country to country, our approach will always be to combine the best research, chemicals, and expertise to create exactly the right solution.”

Ian Hay
Job title
Sales Manager, Oil & Gas, EMEA
At Kemira since
Aberdeen, UK
Topics to watch
Unconventional stimulation, new drilling projects
Words to live by
It’s fun doing the impossible.
What motivates me
Finding success as a team

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