A reliable supply of chemicals is critical in water treatment

One key item our customers have highlighted in their feedback and complimented our performance on, is the steady and reliable supply of water treatment chemicals we have available. Our extensive network of manufacturing sites is built with this customer need in mind.

A reliable supply of chemicals is critical in water treatment
Customers recommend Kemira because of good quality and support as well as on-time deliveries.

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Finger on the pulse of customers

A short distance to the customer’s site is especially important in coagulant production. The majority of coagulants are transported in liquid form, meaning short distances are a benefit. However, that is not the only reason for choosing to be close to the customers.

“The needs of our municipal customers can vary a lot on very short notice, for instance, due to unpredictable weather conditions. We need to be able to react to these varying situations and needs every day – and forecast them as much as we can,” explains Lluis Sabate, Vice President of Manufacturing, EMEA.

We measure the satisfaction of our customers relating to three factors in our delivery performance: completeness of the goods received, safety performance of the driver, and the timeliness of the deliveries. In all categories, we rank well above the target value. Still, there is always room for improvement, and we are continuously working on this. Our security of supply has been tested through many turbulent times – interruptions in raw material supply, political instability, labor and logistics market disturbances and most recently, through a global pandemic. Our customers provide an invaluable public service in communities around the world, so it is crucial to minimize all disruptions and continue to supply them with the chemistries needed to secure a good and safe everyday life.

Global presence, local excellence

Kemira has a global manufacturing network. Reliability is also built up as a result of the various manufacturing sites working together. “If there are any challenges with, for instance, the flocculant supply at a certain market, we can replace that with the same grade of chemicals from the other production sites,” says David Normington, Director of Product Lines for process chemicals. The products, as well as raw material quality specifications, are harmonized so that global consistency can be ensured.

David brings up the importance of continuous development and expertise. “In addition to the global R&D teams, we have quality and technical teams at production sites. Another factor that benefits the customers is the technically-skilled salesforce.” Lluis agrees: “Our sites are safe, efficient and flexible thanks to the committed personnel.”

Turning by-products into raw materials

A secure access to raw materials is another key factor in the reliable supply of chemicals. In our inorganic coagulants line, 70–80% of raw material comes from recycled sources (scrap iron and spent pickle liquor). The coagulants are used in the treatment of wastewater, drinking water, and in many other industrial water treatment applications. “Thanks to this circular economy in action, we are able to reduce the amount of waste generated in industrial production, and are constantly further developing our capabilities in removing impurities and utilizing those streams,” Lluis says.

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