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Introducing Predictive Wet End

In this webinar, we introduce Kemira Predictive Wet End, a new digital service for the paper and board mills. It allows you to see around the corner and predict and prevent process disturbances that cause web breaks, defects, and off-spec production.


Antti Pirneskoski

Director, Application Development

Juha Rintala

Manager, Digital Applications Development

Stable wet end chemistry is the key to solving many issues that paper and board mills experience with runnability, end-product quality, and machine efficiency. But without deep chemistry expertise and visibility into the complex cause-and-effect relationships of the papermaking process, achieving balanced wet end is a huge challenge.

In this webinar, we’ll introduce Kemira Predictive Wet End, a new digital service that allows you to discover and predict process disturbances at your machine, so you can take the right action at the right time to prevent runnability and quality problems. The service combines chemistry and application expertise with real-time monitoring and control, machine learning, and advanced analytics to turn process and performance data into actionable information.

Join us to discover the new, data-driven way to manage the wet end chemistry. With reliable predictions on the process conditions hours into the future, you can make timely and fact-based decisions, reduce breaks and off-spec production, and improve the overall efficiency at your paper and board machine.

Watch this 45 minute on-demand webinar  to hear about

  • wet end chemistry’s key role in ensuring good runnability, quality, and efficiency
  • the latest advancements in real-time chemistry monitoring and control
  • Predictive Wet End service and how it helps prevent process disturbances
  • the key results from our customer paper and board mills
  • the future opportunities in digital services for pulp and paper

You should watch this webinar if you are interested in new opportunities to improve wet end stability and want to learn how latest technologies help predict and prevent runnability and quality issues at paper and board mills.

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