When rapid on-site response is needed

Accurate detection of residual oilfield chemicals gives operators the ability to respond to concentration changes in a dynamic process, minimizing the impact to production and lowering potential safety and economic risks.

When rapid on-site response is needed

Kemira’s patented KemConnect™ SI technology provides a fast and simple method to measure residual levels of chemicals in oilfield waters, on-site. It provides a simple way to maximize the life of a scale squeeze or optimize downhole and topside applications. KemConnect SI can be used to detect phosphonates, polymeric and polyacrylate based scale inhibitors in produced water to ppm level without the need for chemical tagging or onshore analytical measurements.

Compact and simple, the KemConnect™ SI system provides a chemical residual detection method that allows the user to focus on the result, not the task. Sample preparation is easy, and a user-friendly interface guides the operator through a straightforward test procedure.

Rapid, on-site real time measurement allows operators to respond quickly to changes in residual chemical levels, optimizing treatment programs or minimizing process impact. Sample runs takes <15 minutes and the method eliminate the cost and time associated with off-site lab analysis.

KemConnect provides accurate in-field detection capabilities

KemConnect provides accurate in-field detection capabilities equivalent to traditional analytical laboratory methods such as HPLC, Hyamine and size exclusion chromatography (Ref SPE 169797-MS). Utilizing Time Resolved Fluorescence (TRF) in conjunction with a europium complex and chemical modulators, allows detection of residual polymers down to parts per million (ppm) levels.

KemConnect on-site monitoring can be used as a part of your control and monitoring program with a range of Kemira oilfield chemicals. Visit us in Aberdeen at the SPE International Oilfield Scale Conference and Exhibition to learn where we are using KemConnect in the oilfield.


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