AMA® biocides

​Biocides designed to kill or inhibit the growth of troublesome oilfield bacteria

Kemira has specifically designed our AMA biocides product line to kill or inhibit the growth of a number of troublesome bacteria typically found in and around oilfield applications, such as acid producing bacteria (APB) and sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB).
Our innovative treatment solutions and applications expertise are effective for bacteria that may be introduced into an oil or gas reservoir or a downstream operation through a number of processes such as drilling, hydraulic fracturing, water injection, packer drill-out, and water bottoms in oil storage tanks and gas storage wells. Uncontrolled bacterial growth and activity from such contamination can lead to biofilm development and sulfide production, potentially causing microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC), oil and gas souring, and loss of production. Applying a biocide where the water is introduced into the oil and gas process can mitigate these microbiological issues.
We provide a wide variety of innovative treatment solutions by offering a full range of EPA-registered biocides for a number of oilfield applications. Our portfolio includes quick-kill biocides for topside bacterial control, fuel preservation and long-term reservoir preservation.

Notice: the laws and regulations in certain countries, including the United States and Canada, prohibit the marketing, advertising and sale of pesticide/biocide products/chemicals without first obtaining registration from applicable environmental authorities  AMA is only available for sale where Kemira has already obtained regulatory approval.

Key features & benefits

  • ​Effective for APB and SRB
  • Long-term preservation options
  • Quick-kill options
  • EPA registration support
  • Improved asset integrity

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