KemGuard® corrosion inhibitors

Effectively increases oil production and significantly prolongs the life of pipelines

Our broad line of corrosion inhibitors includes a range of products, from concentrates to formulations. Some have been formulated to address specific corrosion problems while others have broad applicability. KemGuard CI corrosion inhibitors are ideal for the corrosive heavy brines used to control formation pressure during well completion where the dissimilar metals in tubing, packer, downhole valve and casing are especially prone to galvanic action. Some are soluble in calcium bromide– and zinc bromide–based clear brines and are formulated to prevent precipitates that can contaminate crude.

Kemira manufactures oil-soluble and water-soluble inhibitors, including formulations that contain filming amines to coat metal surfaces and oxygen scavengers that help prevent corrosion caused by oxygen in drilling fluids. Specialized KemGuard CI corrosion inhibitor packages are available for HCl and HF acid mixtures used in well stimulation. Others are optimized for prevention of sweet and sour corrosion in high–water, cut–gas systems.

Imidazoline Concentrates

Our line of thermally stable imidazoline concentrates can be used as the active component for formulating both oil soluble and water dispersible corrosion inhibitors for drilling and production applications. Essential when in today’s industrial world, a focus on cost saving solutions to extend the working life of current assets is vital.

KemGuard CI imidazoline concentrates are thermally stable organic nitrogenous bases. Film forming imidazolines are strongly cationic in nature resulting in excellent adsorption to negatively charged surfaces such as metal and other materials converting them from hydrophilic to hydrophobic and displacing water.

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