​Innovative strategies and comprehensive solutions for paper machine slime control

Through extensive in-house research on biofilm, Kemira has developed FennoClean concepts, the latest microbiological control strategies combining chemistry with real-time monitoring. FennoClean concepts provide paper manufacturing operations with the custom tools needed for optimum performance.
There are three different FennoClean concepts available: FennoClean D, FennoClean S, and FennoClean L. Each concept employs precursors mixed with sodium hypochlorite on-site to generate different complex oxidizers. These have the key benefit of not interacting with other paper-making additives such as retention aids, dyes, starch, etc. Each of the FennoClean concepts approach microbiological control in a different manner, and identifying the correct solution for the customer needs is the key to success.
Each FennoClean program is designed to maximize performance while minimizing some of the negative effects commonly attributed to oxidizing chemistries. FennoClean is not about randomly eliminating all microbes on a paper machine, but rather about finding the best approach to minimize and ultimately eliminate runnability problems associated with them. All of this is achieved without affecting functional chemistry or creating new problems like corrosion in the press and dryer sections.
To complete the package, we can couple FennoClean chemical solutions with Kemira-developed online tools that measure in real-time, key parameters in important areas of the process.

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