KemConnect SI

Direct residual analysis of scale inhibitors in oilfield waters

The potential environmental, safety and economic consequences of equipment failure is a fundamental concern for the oil & gas industry. Activities critical to maintaining operations are becoming more difficult and expensive to manage as assets reach and pass their designed operational life. For subsea chemical injection and scale squeeze treatments, a robust residual chemical detection method is needed to assure system integrity.

Kemira has developed the KemConnect SI control and monitoring system for the operator’s peace of mind through enhanced detectability. The system supports your existing facility chemical management program and provides process and quality control through user, date and time tagging. The results are accurate and provide a faster recovery to chemical compliance.

Key features & benefits

  • ​Reduces cost and risk of change
  • Optimizes scale management program
  • Simple, quick and accurate on-site detection
  • Key criteria for chemical management plan

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