​Our KemEcal™ dispersant product line spans a large number of acrylic–based polymers of varying molecular weights, pH, termination routes, charge densities and functionalities for desired performance characteristics. We utilize various monomers for optimal dispersion and grinding efficiency.

Recognized variances in ore type, content and quality, as well as the need for improved economics, opened the doors to our formulated KemEcal TC product line. These products have exhibited synergistic effects in grinding and dispersion of certain minerals.

Our water-based dispersant polymers and formulations are designed to improve processing efficiency, aid in transportation, improve handling and provide end-use product quality benefits. They are effective in dispersing and stabilizing a wide range of high-solids mineral slurries including kaolin clay, calcium carbonate, lime, gypsum, iron oxide and other minerals. Our products reduce the viscosity of clay and carbonate, as well as solids containing clay and carbonate as waste product, allowing for easier transport and processing.

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