KemFoamX defoamers

Silicone-emulsion and silicone-free defoamers for oilfield applications

Kemira is a worldwide market leader in foam control technology. We offer a complete line of environmentally responsible and process–friendly defoamers that are highly functional in various oilfield applications. Our versatile KemFoamX™ defoamers product line includes the latest technology in silicone–emulsion and silicone–free defoamers designed to meet all of your oilfield defoaming needs.

We are committed to working with you to find or develop environmentally compatible answers to your most difficult foaming problems. Whether it is in the frozen tundra or the heat of the desert, our team of experts can tailor our defoamer chemistry to meet the requirements needed in the most extreme environments. With the increasing importance and complexity of new regulations, we stay on top of current and future trends that may impact your oilfield operations.

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