KemGuard® SI

Excellent performance for oilfield scale prevention in a wide range of oilfield brines

With surface water quality and down–hole fluids routinely combining to form waters incapable of maintaining the solubility of the dissolved ions, the need for treatment is increasing. Conditions creating a perfect environment for scaling are the co-mingling of available water for drilling, stimulation and production which often range from brackish to brine with high levels of hardness, salts and other contaminants. Water reuse and zero discharge at well sites, concentrates water quality to higher dissolved solids and drives the formation of calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, barium sulfate, strontium sulfate and iron scales.

Kemira has created our unique and flexible line of KemGuard antiscalants for the treatment of barium sulfate, calcium carbonate and calcium sulfate scaling under severe conditions of different oilfield brines, high temperatures and pressures. Our scale control additives are tolerant to water hardness and are designed to function through varied modes of action including threshold control, crystal modification and dispersion.

Key features & benefits

  • ​Excellent scale control for a wide range of common scale types
  • Improved production and increased equipment life
  • Designed for different deployment techniques, squeeze, topside and continuous injection
  • Products optimized for high-brine, high-temperature and other harsh conditions

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